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KAVAJ or Caseless?

When I bought a brand new iPhone 7 Plus in Jetblack or whatever the shiny color which starts to scratch immediately after opening the box is called, I decided to go caseless this time. 100%. After three hours the iPhones backside was scratched. After three days the backside was totally scratched. After a week the...CONTINUE READING

Leaving Medium Behind

Friends, I’m back. My beloved WordPress, I missed you. I used Medium as my primary place to write and publish stuff since sometime in 2017. I even published to some sort of Publication with more than 30k readers. It still didn’t feel right. Do not ask me why. Maybe it was because Medium forced me...CONTINUE READING

Part 4: The Conclusion

It’s been a month since I started doing breath holding exercises daily and I’ve experienced quite the progression. On August 1st I started my new project which quickly turned into a habit and a passion: I wanted to be able to hold my breath for more than just one minute. During the past month I...CONTINUE READING

Part 3: Can I Hold My Breath for Three Minutes?

This is part three of my ongoing series where I try to increase my breath holding times. First off: I am so sorry for this late update but I’ve been on holidays for the past few days and Medium wouldn’t let me finish my post on mobile. This is a summary of the past twelve...CONTINUE READING

Part 2: Figuring Things Out

The first week of me doing daily breath holding exercises is over. This is the second part of my ongoing series, including all the things I did and learned each day. It all started on Tuesday when I published the first part of my story. I did my first two sets of CO2 tables, which...CONTINUE READING

Part 1: The Journey Begins

Today’s the start of a new month and today is also the day I’m starting my new project: I want to work on my breath holding skills. Why would I practice something so trivial? Well, my goal is to be able to hold my breath for more than just one or two minutes so I can...CONTINUE READING


Long time no see, captain. I’ve been busy studying for exams and finishing the last papers for this semester at University, therefore I could not spend as much time on Medium as I would have liked to. This week I passed one of the biggest, if not the biggest, exam in Law school. It’s one...CONTINUE READING

One little trick that made me read more books

I’ve been procrastinating a lot about reading more books and I’ve found one little trick, that made me read books again. My daily dose of reading is consumed on Medium, some local online news sites, and social networks (bad). When I bought my Kindle a few years ago, I used to read one or two books...CONTINUE READING