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Cinema Time

Have you watched Avengers Endgame yet? And how about John Wick Chapter 3? And Spiderman Far From Home? With this many movies coming out each month you can quickly lose oversight of everything you want to watch. That’s what Cinema Time is for! Track your favorite movies or discover new ones, that’s the slogan of the app and I had the opportunity to try it; let’s dig into it!

Cinema Time is a beautiful app. It’s kept simple and clean (and comes with a dark palette), everything is immediately visible, there are no hidden menus that contain other hidden menus. In the navigation, there’s four tabs: Movies, Navigation, Stats and Settings and those tabs do exactly what they are supposed to do. Cinema Time shows you movies you’d like to watch and movies you already watched and it does that really well. Aside from those, you also have the opportunity to see how much time you’ve spent in front of your streaming device – a feature which for obvious reason I choose not to use – but it’s nice to have. Movies themselves will give you a short overview of the plot and show information about the cast; information that you can also exported. Not only that but there’s also a button to quickly watch the trailer and open in iTunes (if available of course). If you have saved movies on your watchlist(s) – yeah that’s right, you can have more than one! – that have not yet been released, the will send you a notification once they’re out.

There are three things I really love about Cinema Time:

  1. Its sync with Trakt.tv to make your watchlist(s) and history available on all your devices.
  2. The Today Widget that shows all unreleased movies.
  3. Integration with Spotlight Search. Swipe down, type in any movie title and it shows up – isn’t that awesome?!

Things I’d like to see are for example a countdown in the Today Widget Tab à la: Dark Phoenix 3 Days and a few speed improvements of the general performance. So far however, this app has really helped me not only clean up my TV schedule but also made sure I don’t forget about any movies I wanted to see. Its only $2.99 so go ahead and download it on the App Store (Direct Link).

I have the opportunity to share a promo code with two lucky readers who’ll send me an e-mail to hey@subtract.at until the end of this week. Winner will be drawn on Sunday. Big thanks to the developer!