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KAVAJ or Caseless?

When I bought a brand new iPhone 7 Plus in Jetblack or whatever the shiny color which starts to scratch immediately after opening the box is called, I decided to go caseless this time. 100%.

After three hours the iPhones backside was scratched. After three days the backside was totally scratched. After a week the screen was scratched as well. I do have to admit I kind of liked these scratches at first and they didn’t surprise me, as I’m one of those guys that tends to drop his phone like three times per week. The first drop hit me at heart though, since I it happened on day one.

A few weeks later I decided to get a KAVAJ Tokyo again. I fucking love this brand. They make the best leather cases ever. And I mean it. I tried so many iPhone cases and I’m always coming back to KAVAJ. I just love their Tokyo case.

It fits two to four cards at the back, is made out of nice leather, gives the phone a nice grip and protects it from drops and other strange things I keep doing with my phone. I love to have one of my credit cards and drivers license always on me. The bad thing: If someone manages to steal your phone, they’ll also have your credit card.

You can get the KAVAJ Tokyo and their other cases on Amazon for about €30.

I’ve been using the Tokyo in cognac for about a month or two now and it’s holding up quite good. Here’s some pictures for you: