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Leaving Medium Behind

Friends, I’m back. My beloved WordPress, I missed you.

I used Medium as my primary place to write and publish stuff since sometime in 2017. I even published to some sort of Publication with more than 30k readers. It still didn’t feel right. Do not ask me why. Maybe it was because Medium forced me to write English posts. Well, I haven’t seen many posts in other languages on there, so I didn’t even bother to try. It could have also been the fact, that I never really felt like I own my content on Medium.

This is my own domain, my own web host, my own files and documents. I own those. I can move them, archive them, delete them or do whatever I want with them. I didn’t feel this way on Medium.

Medium also had it’s positive sides though: I’m still in love with the design and typography. It just feels right. Also: Medium does SEO right. I made it to the top of Google results with the – not too generic – search term “apple pay austria”. Futurezone kicked me off the first place now.

I have no idea how to achieve something like this with a self-hosted WordPress blog, but in the end it doesn’t matter. Even though this post still reaches like 200 people per week (it used to reach 1.000+/week), the platform didn’t feel right for me.

So here I am, with a new domain, a fresh design and new ideas. This is Subtract. My place for my words.

Oh and by the way, I don’t know why I used this grainy pic of one of my cats as a thumbnail. You can probably call it a placeholder.