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One-sentence journaling with Punkt

Everyone who‘s not writing a diary on a daily basis has thought about starting, right? Well, I have and I did start a few years ago with an app called Day One, which is like… yeah, a full fledged diary app, which cost a few bucks back then and was later replaced by a subscription (afaik). I couldn‘t really make a habit out of it. 

Now there‘s Punkt. Which translates to „dot“, literally. It‘s made by Austrian developer Gregor Pichler. Punkt follows a simple philosophy: Write one sentence about your day. Add your mood and why your day was like that and you‘re done. If you want to, you can even add a remarkable location or a photo for that day. 

It‘s as simple as that. Every morning you‘ll get a push notification with an inspiring quote if you want and I have set a diary reminder to 8 pm. Amazing. I’m on day 20 so far and haven’t missed a single entry. There’s also the option to create entrys for previous days, in case you miss a day.

My only complaint so far: no iPad app (coming soon though). The ability to edit entries was added just a few days ago, which is also great for those typos!

The app is a one time in app purchase of about 10 bucks or a monthly subscription with an choose your own price. I haven‘t seen that before and have found it to be a cool option. 

Free users cannot add photos to their entries and are limited to one entry per day. Fair I‘d say. 

Punkt is a well designed app and I found the love for journaling again!

Download the app right here and start journaling today!

Giveaway time (edit: ended):

The developer handed out two codes to unlock lifetime Punkt premium, which I‘m giving away to you, fellow readers. Send an email to punkt@subtract.at with the subject Punkt giveaway. I‘ll choose a winner in 3 days on the 17th of June and you‘ll receive the code via email. Thank you Gregor for providing those codes!

Edit: Codes have been sent out to two lucky winners. Thanks to everyone for participating!

I didn’t add selfmade screenshots, because I don’t want all my journal entries to be on the web. Screenshots are from https://punktapp.me.