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Personal Best Workout App

iOS 14 brought widgets to the home screen and it was only a matter of time until someone had to have the great idea of displaying workout stats directly on the home screen: Meet Personal Best. It’s the only motivation you’ll ever need for working out again. Well, maybe besides those Activity rings from Apple.

Personal Best has a simple approach with two possible views: All the workouts of a given time (Insights) or your most recent workout.These two views apply for the app, as well as the possible forms of widgets.
Let’s take a look at each:

1. Insights

Insights are great. They show all your workouts in the past 7, 30, 90, 365 days or even your lifetime workouts. You get to choose from “all workouts” or different types like running or walking. I love to check my insights weekly to see all those distances I ran in the past week with a gold medal for the longest run. Awesome!

2. Most recent workouts

The other view shows your five most recent workouts. You can tap on each to get a detailed view of the workout. Here’s one of my longer runs for example:

I love this view for quick looks at my past workouts!

Okay, so what about the price? The great thing is: Personal Best is free. Like really. I mean, there is a Pro upgrade for a few bucks and I’d love to let you know what it does. Look at these two screenshots:

These are from the Insights view. Left is free, right is Pro. I mean, there is a difference in more metrics and stuff, but it’s not groundbreaking. If you want to support the dev and get even more metrics you should definitely invest in the Pro upgrade as a one time payment! I have to say: Personal Best has managed to create a great free app with a few useful pro upgrades. There’s no ads ever, no matter if you’re on the free or pro version.

I love those widgets, I love those stats and that is what makes Personal Best so great. It’s widget has earned a secure spot right on the first page of my home screen. Find out more about Personal Best by visiting https://codakuma.com/personal-best/ or download the app from the App Store.