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The journey of my words started sometime in early 2010 with my first domain and an idea. Just over two years later I scraped everything. I deleted all these precious words and memories and lost track of what I had written. I still regret that decision to this day. I started from scratch – just a few months later – making sure that I would never delete any of my work, whether it’s words, photos or videos, again.

Mid 2017 I forwarded my old domain to my Medium profile and archived all my previous blog posts on my FTP server. The blog had died.

In early 2018 I made a decision: I don’t want to be forced to write, just because “I have a blog”. I don’t want to write on a site which would be able to take all those words down with them. I want to write whenever I feel the need to. I want to own my words again.

This is Subtract. A blog. My words.

And since I archived all my previous blog posts and imported my Medium articles, not a single word of mine was lost since 2012. Many of these articles remain private, just for myself – the important thing is: they still exist.